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Introduction to Royal

Royal Cera Tiles (Morbi) has found its niche in world of Ceramics with its Commitment towards quality, Culture of innovation & robust Customer base. Royal CeraTiles (Morbi) is equipped with state of the art Plant & Machinery with capacity of producing China mosaic Tiles (Water proofing Tiles), Border Tiles, Diamond Cutter Tiles, Step Riser etc. Considering our titanic product Range, Royal CeraTiles (Morbi) is a one stop solution as far as Water proofing & Flooring is concern for domestic as well as international market.

Ithasthebestselection in a ceramic material with Being stain and water resistant, naturally robust against high humidity conditions and renowned for their longevity and easy maintenance, they will keep your space looking elegant and bright for years to come. The Company has been in constant touch with the market and made a strategic decision to go largelybefore one year. The marketing team is always checking the pulse of the market and has a feel of the changing market demands. In the view of this decision, the company has set-up a modern state of the art design department.

Royal Cera Tiles (Morbi) plants are equipped with the most modern Automation cutting edge technology and It is a regularly updated process to keep abreast with competition and technology. Talks for joint venture and collaborations with leading brands of the world are on track for the projects.

The product rolled out by the company has been readily accepted by the market, proving their expansion to be the right decision. The sales are picking up on a regular basis. The company has themission of providing the best products at affordable rates. The channel partners and the stakeholders have a focus on providing the best of the customers and surpass their expectations.